Sound Awakener – Be whole


Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Sound Awakener
title: Be whole
keywords: experimental, drone, electroacoustic, improvisation, noise, sound art, Hanoi
reviewer: Simon Hit

Sound Awakener is very awake, and dropped an audio work of three different chapters that should keep its listeners upright and awake from enthusiastic enthusiasm. Especially if you are a sound freak, not so much impressed with music; but are definitely fine with listening to sound. You might even say it’s noise, but I would strongly disagree..  I’ll tell you why..

Chaper I is indeed covered in sound, it might even be the same one throughout the track, but it is treated in a way that it shows off different facets of itself. It moves a bit like electronic charged bad weather cloud, but without being natural enough to be mistakenly seen as a storm or indeed a heavy rainfall. It’s more like a consistent compact cloud that gets molded as if…

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