Sorry For Being Crazy

dont you dare apologize


Sorry for being crazy haha lol sorry for feeling this thing and then telling you this thing and sorry for being crazy haha lol feelings right? Feelings are dumb I’m sorry.

Sorry for being crazy.

I hate this. I hate that I’ve said this. I hate that my friends have said this. I hate that we talk to each other about how we’ve said this and we share this secret shame about it. Like, we’ve done it now. Like, well that’s over. I let my crazy show. We’ve done it now.

I’ve said some pretty wacko things via text message that, in hindsight, seem silly. That, in hindsight, make me cringe. That I probably wouldn’t have said if I hadn’t been too sad and too drunk and too jealous. Too angry and too confused and too just completely taken over by something that I can’t even explain or rationalize. Sorry…

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