Bad Body: Do You Know I Live?

a must listen

We need no swords

Bad Body

Tombed Visions cassette and download

This two-track spoken word and electronics cassette from Bletchley’s Bad Body is like a warped inversion of Sleaford Mods, that duo’s tin pot synth beats mulched into grainy, melancholic soundscapes, the rage of their splenetic tirades turned inwards to despairing autobiographical monologues.

Yet both groups, in their separate ways, hold a mirror up to the ruin that is everyday life – the Mods highlighting the banal and mediocre before machine-gunning it, while Bad Body enact the numbing psychic effect that the parade of endless injustices and humiliations that passes for austerity politics in this day and age enacts upon hard-working people [sic] throughout the land.

This is introverted, almost despairing music, the dense, scarred textures of its drones, static and wheezing electronics – courtesy of The Engineer and Patrick John Carney – resembling the cracked and corroded concrete of an abandoned municipal building, once a place that…

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