500 Writing Prompts

The Firm Collective

The Reason

A few days ago while running errands, I was in a book store, Barnes and Noble to be exact. Perusing around the store, there’s so many damn books about everything, the whole lot seemed so interesting. Sadly, reading consumes time and I’m a busy person. Anyway I decided to pick up a book of 500 writing prompts, in the effort to try and write one a day for me. Just to become a better writer.

I thought this would be a good start with a prompt about philosophy. While flipping through the book, and this one just stuck out to me. The prompt is just so nice and open, so many ways to go, things to say, opinions. I’m not going to say I’m right or wrong here, but I have an idea that’ll probably be a bit of both.

Can Beauty be found in Chaos? How…

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