Best Worst Year: Episode 95 (Or, Toi)

Originally posted on Sundog Blog:
By Jim Warner Rosary pendulums from your rearview mirror with unwavering doubt. The Virgin Mary is velcroed to your dashboard, blessed by your grandmother’s wineglass, and present at her deathbed. There is a cross bent from palm leaves, 2011. They are supposed to be burned on Good Friday, between noon…

From Brokeback to Obergefell

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Twelve years. Ten years. Two years. Thirteen months. And six months. This is the timeline–a narrative–of a movement, of a man, of a love story still being written. I was thirteen going on fourteen when Lawrence v. Texas came down. I was a year past my Bar…

Through it all, there was a dog

Originally posted on The Trailhead:
Seven years ago, when my first marriage of fifteen years unexpectedly went belly up, I was involuntarily launched on what Joseph Campbell calls the Hero’s Journey. There are other names for this kind of experience. The writer Elizabeth Lesser calls it the Phoenix Process. Dante called it “the dark woods.”…

Medieval Letter-People

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The human body is one of the most common objects encountered in art, whether in paintings, sculptures or other objects. Things have not changed much since medieval times, when artists loved to fill their work with human figures – commonly saints or individuals affiliated with biblical stories. Among the great diversity of depictions, there…

YANSS 051 – How Google uses behavioral science to make work suck less

You Are Not So Smart From Dilbert to Fight Club to Joe Versus the Volcano, the world of white-collar drones and managerial ineptitude has long been a goldmine for parody. The soul-sucking details are so ubiquitous and familiar that in addition to the British and the American versions of The Office, there are also versions…More