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Art is the enemy of what you as should do love. If not for the devils jealous


Should I just keep Nevermind

I let a woman I fell
In love with for 8 hours
(Im a romantic) completely
So amazing that way. Some parts of blessed members that have them, say a pair of legs I ……. Just see amazing designs of And not skinny no.girls definition. Arabic or the English dictiobaryb. The amount of oh fuck this public.

There are things…….. That must become flies in your for the rest what the fuck’d say.

Oh my god I want to be in love and the criticism for yelling that abrupt. And I would really love to have sex.          When your good you want to.
(What a cocky thing to disclose but my proudest moment of post love making , somehow we traveled  into the hall, sweating in deep breaths she got on her knees and kissed my feet like they were kittens and …. That’s it)
The savage ocean waves wait for life to take away this drunk person telling me a story since I was 16 years old. Him and his family are just around the corner with AIDS and the wheel chairs they steel invoke pity. Yet, I’m 31 now, and is the healthiest looking guy I’ve ever seen. You wanna hear about how I got a)forgotten to administered into the system of art school and how I was kicked out for correcting a professor on something I paid 50/grandy to galsey, the true answer I learned on the street car, when it was still free, I had been working such great for six month. They know to bring politics into a situation. See because what happened, after I had kind of pulled whispered he super wrong thing, where my tone was in the “I think you’re awesome and I just wouldn’t want some brat trying be all know it all because I didn’t fucking heckle. After I said that she clenched her jaw in fake smile welll there’s a few different stories(bother fucking mentioning?). The next morning. Deans office. Every professor of mine present. And my mother. Crying. I’m told, I make every girl in the school feel extremely afraid.

I started crying because I knew what was up, on my application form “do you have a worst fear?” Because of past shit, I hate feeling like a burden around a females. Fucking hate it. I’m s sweet heart. I don’ what you think or say. If I was not wrong about their administration fucking up and, the worst part, 2 small events, knew I had just sold out. One was the fact that after 6 months of acting like best friend and two days before classes start, orientation day, I walk in, by guy is sitting at the counter, squinting his eyes asks “Uhm, who the hell are you?”

He’s a fucking scout dude..well I said “its Brian, bill, we just saw each other the other day you told me about this”

He had in his eyes of “oh fuck me” he ran into office. Never saw him again. I wasn’t allowed to start until everyone met.

Im fifty grand in dept now. I took the one drawing I had tried for homework. That wasn’t even accepted as homework and went got it published the most beautiful annual coffee table art book and that one drawing was accepted at Mount Hood Community College. And yeah. That don’t happen. Continue reading


I am the best, most efficient, professional, successful, disciplined, talented, authentic, original, and humble (it hurts to write this cocky shit, but I have learned that the  art is moody bitch of a world with judgements made and based off every priniciple that is the enemy of the actual premises that shouldnt be) artist in the Pacific Northwest. My name is Brian Anthony Hardie

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