Tanka Plus Art=?

Miriam's Well: Poetry, Land Art, and Beyond

The Indian poet Angelee Deodhar has a knack for extending text by adding images. I’m always touched to get a piece from her where she’s used my work–it is like a fun postcard. She just sent me this. My tanka is from the Atomic Era anthology and she combined it with the image, credited here.

Click to enlarge.

A haiku plus art is a haiga. I’ve just discovered that a haibun plus image is a new form called haibunga. And since a haibun is a haiku plus prose, I guess a haibunga really has three elements. It’s very exciting to see these developments in the international community that writes haiku and tanka.

Does anyone know, is there an official name for tanka plus image? Tanka and prose just tends to get called tanka prose. These forms began as traditional Japanese ones, but have migrated, taken off, mutated, and exploded…

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