Sittingbourné: The Album, A Proposal

Songs That Don't Exist Yet

In April this year I was invited to submit a proposal for a large scale project to take place within the town of Sittingbourne, Kent.

After a visit to the town, I decided what it needed was a music album written about it in collaboration with the town’s inhabitants. The proposal was not successful unfortunately, although I did receive some positive feedback!  Some excerpts from my proposal:
Sittinbourne the album edit

The act of musicking establishes in the place where it is happening a set of relationships, and it is in those relationships that the meaning of the act lies. They are to be found not only between those organized sounds which are conventionally thought of as being the stuff of musical meaning but also between the people who are taking part, in whatever capacity, in the performance; and they model, or stand as metaphor for, ideal relationships as the participants in the performance…

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