Kyle Fosburgh ~ One Night

a closer listen

KFOne Night is the sound of America. Many of her states are home to the traditional, permanent sound of the guitar. The instrument seemingly transcends the decades, passing through the 1900’s and into the next century. This isn’t the sound of dry sepia, though. The fabric of One Night is a worn piece of blue denim, and in the front pocket you’ll find a dog-eared photograph of a period that, sadly, passed a while ago. A few still return to that period, because the soil is still fertile. Kyle Fosburgh is an extremely talented guitarist, and he gives the audience the sound of an old America in all her striped splendor. A rapid, finger-plucked pattern burns down the railroad track like a midnight freight train, and from coast to coast the slower pieces carry the heart and soul of a nation.

Ashen canyons yield to faded red rocks as the heavy notes slide…

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