> ATRAX MORGUE – Marco Corbelli (Heathen Harvest)

4iB Records | For intrinsic Beliefs

In Memorium
3rd April 1970 – 6th May 2007

Marco Corbelli was the man behind the prolific noise project Atrax Morgue; he was born in 1970 and committed suicide by hanging in 2007. He was described as friendly but socially awkward and it is said that his obsessions were a very real part of who he was. Little else is known about him or his life. I have personally been interested in Corbelli since buying Atrax Morgue’s No More CD when researching an article on another artist: Premature Ejaculation. His influence can be heard in a lot of darker noise music today, I could argue his death reinforces the extremity of his musical output.

Greatly inspired by an earlier Italian Power Electronics act The Sodality, their 1987 LP Beyond Unknown Pleasures and Whitehouse’s “Dedicated to Peter Kurten”, Marco Corbelli recorded his debut cassette as Atrax Morgue at a friend’s house…

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