And back to his lonely frigid toolshed to chop off his hands for his face

It becomes at a certain a point a marksmanship of confidence quivering

Talks about a job, trying to cure  delinquent perversion through pity

I am in so much need to write
is immature not at the/

  chance I fucked myself

Questioned conclusion. Naturally I am yes, funny you ask, pretty fucking nuts

Over a roasted tiresome brain. A mind, the pain with every era

   Shifting outward
Snaredrum hat    rest    bang
       Good rock song that I

Will remember.            For, yet shortly through which I slack in my brilliant mind or something

These problems
In my head
         Chemical imbalance
Whether post visit to the canyons mouth or pre entrance into the nights light in through rigid corridors and I’m so scared because one I was so lucky to        now I’m so scared
                    Now I am so scared
    Scared       scarred.   I’m really scared.

Not to lose her. To lose what I had obtained and quickly panicked and threw into   darkness.   As I was passing through the plains of.      Such happiness.                     Pick up the fucking phone Brian,

You get her back

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