Finally playing through a very nice, professional new Bass

A beautiful sounding bass. And petite.

I’m a proud new owner through the help an amazing person of this new tasteful acoustic bass guitar. I sleep with this bass. I could score a film alone with it. I am a mother on the bass. The most tasteful, expressive, fearless, and original player in the pacific northwest. I play progressive rock, hardcore, punk, and jazz very well. The above acoustic stringed instrument of the bass clef. It is the earth of rhythm. I am expert in its history and playing. I also just simply throw the fuck down and fly across the stage the there.

Bass for life.

Stop saying you guess you’ll be the bass player. The hips i want to swing are all mine.

Oh yeah. For the bass

Music for life. I can provide the playing Flat bottoms give no purpose the doggy. I need bounce. Then boom