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Fan by Kim Asendorf – Artwork Review

Ctrl . Art . Del

By Jesse Bowling

Kim is a Berlin-based artist, working in new media influenced by the Internet.

Kim’s work “Fan” is listed as a 6 channel sound installation, I watched the video and I think this refers to the noise of the computer fan. When stacked on top of each other playing a constant high-definition coloured video, it makes the computer work constantly for an extended period of time. This causes it to heat up, which makes the fan work, making the “noise”. This is an interesting aspect to technology that they create this “white” noise that we tend not to pick up on, we block it out and just consider it, as “that’s just the sound it makes”.

I’m also interested in the laptop as a sculptural form as a ready-made. The laptop can have implications of the dependence of technology and the tool we create digital works on, there…

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