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The Importance of Being an Educated Reader

Reluctant Repose

As a reader and a consumer, it is our responsibility to be educated.  Far too often we follow the flow of social trend and popularity.  Writing should not be a popularity contest.  Yes, it is true, we come to expect a certain quality or style from known authors and therefore we may purchase the newest Stephen King novel without bothering to look any further than the name on the cover.  However, when it comes to new authors, new books, how do you choose what to read?  By your purchases, you influence the market.  Publishers note trends as they climb.  How can we forget the supernatural romance era following Stephanie Meyer’s success?  Why do books gain mass popularity, even when written more poorly than others?  The answer is simple, the consumer.  One person reads a book, usually because someone suggested it to them, be it a friend or Oprah.  This person…

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