The Science of Music with Josh Groban – SoundCloud

Listen to The Science of Music with Josh Groban by StarTalk Radio #np on #SoundCloud

High Altitude Student Platform Sound – 1000x – SoundCloud

Listen to High Altitude Student Platform Sound – 1000x by NASA #np on #SoundCloud

Another awesome bassist from Australia. beautiful player

Listen to Bass solo on Lost&Found by Mai Agan #np on #SoundCloud

New Sound Underground – SoundCloud

the Australians love bass players

Are Institutions in Decline? – SoundCloud

Listen to Are Institutions in Decline? by Radio 4: Beyond Belief #np on #SoundCloud

Submit to Kind of a Hurricane Press to be included in one of their upcoming anthologies

Trish Hopkinson

Kind of a Hurricane Press has consistent calls for submissions for each of their upcoming themed anthologies. The guidelines are easy to follow and A.J. Huffman is quick to respond and runs an organized press! Her poem “from Wine, this Whimsy” was also just published by Silver Birch Press in their current Mythic Poetry Series.

Kind of a Hurricane Press publishes regular anthologies which are printed simply and beautifully and also provided electronically online for no charge. Each anthology is also listed separately on Duotrope with details (scroll to the bottom of each listing to see related projects).

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Read their online issues to get a feel for the types of poetry they publish or you can a few examples of my work in the following anthologies:


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Submit to Confrontation

The Poet's Resource

Writers from around the world are invited to submit to ‘Confrontation’, a literary magazine published by the English department of Long Island University. Length of a poem should be kept to two pages. Send up to six poems per submission. Payment: $75-$100; more for commissioned work. The reading period ends 15 April each year (and re-opens 16 August). Email applications are accepted only from writers outside the United States – otherwise, it has to be snail mail.

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Pantheon Magazine Submissions

The Poet's Resource

Pantheon Magazine accepts poetry submissions for some of its ‘open prompts’ ( The current prompt accepting poetry is ‘NYX’. Copied from the website: ‘NYX, also known as Nux, Nox or simply Night is a primordial Greek goddess who personifies the essence of night and darkness. She is the ancient goddess of Night-hence the meaning of her name. She is considered to be one of the most powerful divine beings who was born of the giant cosmic being, Chaos. She is often depicted  as a great black winged spirit or riding in a chariot, trailing stars and bringing the night. Submissions open December 1st 2014 and close April 30th 2015′
Visit the Pantheon Magazine website and read the submissions and open prompts criteria carefully, as they are very detailed.

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Submission to Cordite 51: TRANSTASMAN Open!

NZ Poetry Shelf

Bonny Cassidy and Kent MacCarter
Submission to Cordite 51: TRANSTASMAN Open!

27 February 2015

Bonny CassidyPhoto by Nicholas Walton-Healey

Poetry for Cordite 51: TRANSTASMAN is guest-edited by Bonny Cassidy

I’ll be looking for poems that can swim, fly, float, sail and possibly even skim across the very short and very deep difference between Australia and New Zealand.

Have at the current.

Poems for this issue will be partially by invite and selected anonymously (but we’ll be taking about double the usual number of poetry we do in our issues). Robert Sullivan will also curate an e-chapbook of contemporary Māori poetry. Please submit only once, with a maximum of three (3) poems in one (1) document … but first, please read the submission guidelines

for web page see here

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New feminist e-zine seeks submissions

The Poet's Resource

‘No Falling Ribbons’ ezine is looking for work for its first issue. Deadline is 31 May 2015. Sorry for the short notice!
The following is copied from their website (
‘we are currently seeking submissions for our first issue in the form of poetry, prose, articles, opinion pieces, illustration, photography, and music. we are particularly interested in work that falls loosely into the context of feminism – though this is not a neccessity. submissions are free and open to anyone and will be judged on the quality of work rather than the reputation of the writer/artist. because we are still establishing our aesthetic we are open to anything, we want you to surprise us!’

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