Imagine The Field Recordings..

Imagine the field recordings one could have obtained during the dinosaur age?

The Battle at Gettysburg as well the Address would be number 1 for Decades.

If one doesnt get the meaning of music, especially instrumental music, that means they aren’t hearing what it means. How terrible

Smile. It makes you smarter.

I have just finished something that I cannot say because it will then no longer happen

Let’s picture sharp plays by Wilde

This city’s heart of art is flat lining
            Not clear
    You fucking better

If I still talked to them I would be saying with first a snort “told you”

A urban field recordist
       Designer of sound maps.
Data. Distance. Heard traveling.
       Like a cassette.     90 minutes- 150 ft

Don’t quote me.

The tree falling
   I am going to record on a hike
      So we will all hear it.

Listen. More than once.
Read. Fuck loads. Over and over.

Shakespeare Garden. My summer Office. Complete with sun dial. Benches. Big tree. Blue roses. Ask. Ill take you.

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