silentspook ☯ – YourinloveLOOP


silentspook ☯ , producer from Melbourne, released few days ago his new track/edit ‘YourinloveLOOP’.

We liked its freshness.. How its spontaneous deployment made us feel comfortable and pushed us to lose track with time for a bit..

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The Swallows Of Chernobyl (Test Recording)

A Companion of Owls

An audio piece consisting of a loop of birdsong passed through a “side-chain” gate triggered by a geiger counter. Whenever the geiger counter triggers the gate a tiny piece of the loop is “ducked” (silenced). Eventually all traces of the birdsong will be erased from the loop.

This piece was inspired by an article in Scientific American where biologists are researching the effects of low-dose radiation on living things by studying common barn swallows within the exclusion zones of both Chernobyl and Fukushima.

For this test recording I made a mock-up of the piece in Pure Data:


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Florian Kupfer – rr


Florian Kupfer, sound artist from Germany, just released his new track ‘rr’.

We liked the free flowing development of the composition and its immersive quality. How the consistency of the rhythmic drive is endlessly increasing this feeling of encapsulating multiple moments at a time. Besides, we also liked the duality between the rooted electronic rhythmic drive and the fluctuating soundscape; how it frees the sounds and exudes a spirit of addictive awareness..

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The Importance of Warming Up

Being a bass player, I was down with this blog from the first post.

Bass Guitar Instruction Studio

I went for a number years with little or no warm-up before practicing or playing a gig. It never seemed really necessary. Playing a lot of gigs for over a decade was a big help in keeping me thinking that way and I learned a lot from a bass teacher who was familiar with physiology.

But as the years went by, some pain began to creep in from time to time. It usually passed quickly but became a bit more frequent. This made me realize that I had to get back to warming-up or risk not being able to play as well or as often.

Serious as that sounds, the reasons for warming up are very simple. The movements in playing bass guitar are relatively small and with a well setup instrument, they shouldn’t painful.

In my case, I’ve come to the realization that it boils down to circulation. Keep…

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