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No need leaving any vices at my door, bring that shit right on in here and let’s take a looksy

Facebook status, and how one “treats” others in the social media world, on the internet, is the moma exhibit which displays the original pieces, and the layers, of every individual’s true colors. For example, passive aggression is potent “behavior” on the internet. You can get away with so much more by doing so indirectly. And the one who dares to voice their disturbance of it is in much danger of being the brunt of gossip, judgement, or just simply getting shit talked and labeled, for confrontation over such “petty” circumstances is so “childish”. And everyone knows the unspoken ethic, so there is much room for viscous manipulation, humiliation, and getting away with it, can be done while asleep. To confront one or simply the issue may cost one their whole existing identity socially. Because, again, how petty, right?

Cut the fucking shit. Say what you need to say to who needs to hear it. Or suffer the illusion that you are last laughing. Poor thing.

About Brian Anthony Hardie

artist, musician, and poet from Portland, Oregon.

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