Did you hear that? What smells good?



Oh well i never knew the moon was invited. I would have worn that shirt i mopped the potty with. Never returns my calls.



1 video from patient 08061984





The holidays are gone so take off your house before the change



Broadway in a vortex burning a bridge obtaining the name.

Inspiring Lives, Creating Futures

The Art and Science of Sound

The Art and Science of Sound


unnamed art by Sarah Welch

Submission Details for the 2015 Zine Fest Houston Compilation
The zine will be in black and white, with a full color cover. Each page will be 8 ½” tall by 5 ½”.  Contributor credits and contact information will be featured in the zine as well, so please include with your submission a 1-2 sentence bio and your contact info.
We are limiting the contributions to zine creators who have either tabled at a Zine Fest Houston event, or live in Houston and the surrounding areas. We want to keep the zine focused on Houston, natch.

We would like to have the zine ready for this year’s Menil Fest Indie Book Fair, which is on Saturday, April 18. The deadline for submissions is Saturday, April 11, 2015.

What to submit

The theme of this year’s Zine Fest Houston is: “The Triumph of Artificial Zinetelligence”  

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Call for Submissions: New Zine on Male Survivors

Sea Green Zines

abuseLooking for personal experiences or ideas written in first person, to go into a zine by male identified people about unpicking societies conditioning and sexual abuse. All comments, collaborators welcome, email me at tedmullin@hotmail.co.uk

Mock up draft of what the zine could look like with subject ideas I’d like to write about. Male Survivors *Download link of articles I’m interested in, not for publication, I don’t own texts.*

I won’t edit your stories only copy and paste. I’d like 50% to be dedicated to unpicking abuse and learning good consent. But not necessary to include in every text if you feel your story stands alone as valuable experience.


Table of Contents

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