The Future of Book Publishing: Returning to Printed Word?

Yep. I never doubted it

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Mike Doherty writes about Andrew Wylie in an article What is the future of book publishing? ‘Chances are things are going to work out,’ super-agent says for Postmedia News, accessible on Vancouver Sun. Wylie expresses optimism toward printed publishing in spite of the wave of digitalisation in publishing industry worldwide, saying that the world will “return to good old-fashioned books” because “the printed word lasts and lasts and lasts.”

What is so special about printed publications that makes Wylie claim it will come back into fashion? For me, printed books do have their distinctive attraction for being physical, lasting, and symbolically valuable as gifts. However, it remains uncertain whether our next generation’s reading habits will be completely overhauled by the popularisation of portable devices, leading to an irreversible overturn of publishing conventions.

Image Credit:  Matthew Sherwood for National Post

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