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‘The Incredible and Phenomenal Journey Of The Giants to the Streets Of Perth’

From February the 13th to the 15th the Royal De Luxe organisation was involved in Perth’s International Art’s Festival The Royal De Luxe (RDL) organisation is a global street theatre with an appeal to the masses,A research done on their website reveals that RDL was established in 1979 in France by Jean Luc Courcoult. The organisation’s strength lies in in the fact that they are able to tell a story (averaging 3 days) to an entire city by adapting to the city.The audience is not able to know what will happen the following day and as such return,eager to know what will happen next.This assists in providing greater knowledge to a wider audience on the significance of the event.

For example,in 1992, RDL devised a cargo 92 tour, a joint venture with 4 other companies to commemorate…

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