The Bitchin’ Kitsch March 2015 Issue-50 Pager

The Bitchin’ Kitsch is truly an amazing publication. You really need to read it. I am beyond honored to have Chris put up with my writing and photography, which yes, is in this issue, the largest issue in the BK history, at 50 pages. You need to start caring, supporting, and spreading the word about…More

From a phone. Fuck my writing fuck My music i am actually asking Cunts if they want to play with me Its all fucked fuck me fuck all fuck Life and goddamn All that is its A piss poor race to a shit end Not a friend but one that has pity Fuck this city…More

Farewell Experimenta – behind the scenes of the ‘bump out’

Originally posted on RMIT Gallery:
This week we bid farewell to Experimenta Recharge the media art exhibition that has attracted large crowds to its interactive exhibits since November, and delighted audiences on its final viewing at White Night Melbourne on Saturday 21 February. What a contrast RMIT Gallery is on the first days after the…

Alphabe Thursday O is for Frank O’Hara

Originally posted on The Cart … in this together:
On my walking journey through the alphabet I meet, Frank O’Hara (1926-1966) who I understand was as handsome as a marble statue. He wrote poems about tender  everyday adventures; not the type to be shouted from the roof tops.  O’Hara’s poetry is as casual as the conversations…

CIU 212 (post 1)

Originally posted on Del's Blog:
‘The Incredible and Phenomenal Journey Of The Giants to the Streets Of Perth’ From February the 13th to the 15th the Royal De Luxe organisation was involved in Perth’s International Art’s Festival The Royal De Luxe (RDL) organisation is a global street theatre with an appeal to the masses,A…