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How to read and critique poetry, a line by line explanation. (The Darkest Hour)

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Reluctant Repose

It has come to my attention that far too many lovers of poetry are unable to read it properly, they cannot look into a thing, but only see it as ‘pretty’.  That dreaded word..  poets know the anguish of the thing.  In this I thought I should run through a piece with you, picking apart my own work (with quite appropriate subject matter) to show what to look for, and how to find it.  Below you will find a written piece, beneath that we will analyze and critique the work.

“The Darkest Hour”

Scratching, scraping, softly turned
as pages swiftly take sojourn.
In such a place you may release
smoldering hate or gentlest peace.
Find within, the worlds you seek,
know the voices that would speak.
See the visions as they pass
study them well, they never last.

See the truth, or mold the lies
display for them cunning disguise.

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About Brian Anthony Hardie

artist, musician, and poet from Portland, Oregon.

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