Please listen to this sound art piece I have made. Its a field recording I made of my friend Amanda and I going on a walk through Downtown Portland, Oregon. I added a delay, chorus, and reverb onto it during the mixing and mastering of it and it creates a great sonic experience. rhythms of blended captured sound snap shots are made of noises snagged by the mic in passing, including sneezes, voices of children, the traffic, coffee shop noises, sentences I say in conversation with Amanda and vice versa, as we walk through the city on a busy Saturday a few weeks ago. This style of art has arrived fashionably late in the Pacific Northwest. Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Québec, Chicago, Spain, Brooklyn, plus so many more spots on earth have thriving communities that are doing installations, LP releases, shows, festivals, cross pollinating projects involving other forms of art. If anyone in the Northwest is doing field recording/sound art type stuff, or would like to work with a sound artist. Please let me know.

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