What makes us a collective?

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Building Sound Collectives

The current discourse around sustainability has a tendency to focus on either the level of the individual or “society” as a whole. This way of thinking is not working. We need to take into account the level of the collective. So far this level has been approached through the lens of a minority-majority dichotomy. This doesn’t work either. We need to understand the workings of our everyday life connections in larger and smaller circles and find ways to connect them in  smarter and more sustainable ways.

First of all, we must find out what mechanisms make us establish collectives in the first place. And what keeps them going. It seems that what initiates and sustains a collective is that people in it have some activities in common.

At a basic level of human interaction, we are producing and consuming things together.

model_level1_producing-consuming-cultural-sustainability First level of building collectives

At our workplaces and educational institutions, we…

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