I noticed you

Waiting too be

Vaccinated however

I saw with your consistent

Looks I knew you shared a

Fascinated look back and forth as

You were too beautiful, as around

The corner on a ripped piece of

Paper I let you with twenty ‘so’s


Just how beautiful you were. I

Was taken so far aback that I

Almost fell backward when you

Found me in the pharmacy with

A small corner of napkin  ripped

Folded with words you had

Written back. It said your name

That you thought the same

Back, but you were leaving in

Six hours for Iraq. As I finished

Reading what’s in in my wallet

Forever now I looked up sad

And she was standing ten feet

Ahead and as if possessed glued

My lips to hers for which she

A made a sound that said ‘good

Job’ and so I slipped my hands

Down inside the back of her

Cut off ripped jeans and

Gently she grabbed them,

Again with her eyes she told me

‘I’m not through with you yet’

And the unisex bathroom to

The left she pulled me and

Giggled at me trying to cover my

Obvious erection, and after

She slammed and locked the

Door directected it where to

Where I had been wanting to

Place it and with movement for

Two hours expressed that exactly

As she expressed with music of

Her pleasure that it was good

And we were good as time stood

I would

I would

A B S O L U T E ° G R A V I T Y

Very creative


cover-album-absolute-gravity-versesinmusic-24ep Photo by Anna Simi (c) All Rights Reserved

A B S O L U T E ° G R A V I T Y


LISTEN TO Absolute ‘ Gravity ! 

“A poetic-musical journey that will guide you from the conscious parts of your being, through the parallel lines of your soul, passing by time and space, leading you to the unconscious maze of dreams and to the waves “beyond” where “the invisible becomes essential” Read more reviews 

≈ A b s o l u t e ° G r a v i t y © ≈ released by Ultrasonic Music Germany

by LauraLME ©

Standing above these clouds of thoughts
moving with the Earth around the Sun,
in this orbit of infinite circles,
trying to loose orientation,
everything brings me back to you.

Fragile distance, timeless space.

Attempting retrograde motion, opposite directions
Closing up “reference frames” and memories

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