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its been great having a domain name that is my full blown BAM! whole fuckin name. but…… i dont really care, lol….. quick thought as far as happenings in my life….. i have moved back to southeast portland, and I am writing, recording, both spoken word and instrumental atmosphere rock, the music will be released under at least what is the working title, “gallery rock” because its good old long sound art noise bass riffage rock your socks. Spoken word I am recording daily as well…. plus getting a solid submission to send out to the presses….. anyways…. i just wanted to say, being your own artist with your own style and visions and ideas and achievements, it gets lonely, and for that matter, a lot of the time, it makes none of it matter. I grew up playing in bands…COLLABORATING…. and lately its been sailing of my own ship, and, I kind of dont really give a fuck where I drift to, I’m tired, and I’m going down below to sleep….. sea take me where ever, dude. Its my fault, but I have no community….. and I need one, bad. Like, BAD…… any of you out there, wherever you are, lets do something…… I have super rad ideas for projects…. how much i have achieved and all of that business matters none, i have no one to share it with…. thats what its all about for me. I know what I can do, and from right here…. big whoop. There is no longer a DIY, it has become a subculture, therefor it is now a culture of DIY’s, everyone is cross pollinating, but me…. why? someone hang out with me, man….lol. 

I don’t think teachers know what they’re doing.

Candice Curry - W3


At my triplets 4th birthday party our middle triplet got a tummy ache. She was standing in the middle of our living room when she got “the look”. It was all coming up. As she began to throw up her preschool teacher flew across the room (seriously, I think she had a super hero cape on) and actually caught my daughters vomit in her hands.

“Um did you just catch my daughters vomit?”

“Yes, what was I else was I supposed to do?”

She then spent the next few minutes helping me clean up what made its way to the floor and what made its way on to my daughter.


That was my first experience with one of my children’s teachers going way beyond their job description.It wasn’t my last and I can bet that there will be many more.

A few weeks ago two of my teenaged daughter’s…

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Loud Bass (By Carmen)

Gladius Poeticus


I have this need

Of loud bass in my being

To feel the drums deep in my soul

But disco’s have been transformed

Into pubs

No one dances any longer

There are no places to go

And have the music playing

In your belly inside out

So the only place I dance

Is in my old car while I’m driving

If I have this need

Of loud bass bumping in my being

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Sonic-Terrain W.L.D. Compilation 2014

world listener

SonicTerrain WLD 2014

Another year has gone by and it is time to post about the  World Listening Day . Once Again Sonic Terrain has released a compilation dedicate to it, and the track above is my contribution. Here is the direct link to Sonic-Terrain bandcamp page and the link to the previous year post


Its a total of six free to download compilations:

Follow @WorldListener_World Listener SoundcloudWorld Listener Bandcamp

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Download the Reddit X POST/POP Collab “Adventures In Home Taping” for FREE! 26 BANDS!


I’m starting to make a habit of this FREE DOWNLOAD hijinx. Last time around POST/POP gave you 1 free song… this time how about 26 FREE SONGS? Not only that, its the much-hyped collaboration compilation album I did with Reddit’s R/Cassetteculture back in March. the tapes SOLD OUT but I get asked about it all the time, so why not just have it!

listen above and click download OR click on the below quote that a girl once said to me on a train:

“What are you looking at? Did you buy me? I said did you buy me? Exactly. So don’t look at me then innit?”

There were 26 brilliant bands on this compilation and I suggest you put each one of them into the search engine of your choice and go listen to everything they have ever done. They are from all over the world, Scotland, Canada, UK…

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Over 700 indie labels join forces for “Fair Digital Deals Declaration”

Consequence of Sound

Matador, 4AD, Epitaph, Sub Pop, Drag City, Merge, Secretly Canadian, Saddle Creek, Jagjaguwar, Captured Tracks, XL, Domino, and nearly 700 other indie labels worldwide have signed the new “Fair Digital Deals Declaration”. As Billboard reports, the initiative was set up by Worldwide Independent Network (WIN) “to treat their artists fairly in agreements relating to digital exploitation of artists’ work in recorded music agreements with third parties.”

Launching officially launched tomorrow (July 16) with a ‘Worldwide Declaration Signing Day’, the declaration is a huge sign of good faith from the labels to their artists. By signing on, the companies collectively agree to five core rules:

1. Ensure that artists’ share of download and streaming revenues is clearly explained in recording agreements and royalty statements in reasonable summary form.

2. Account to artists a good-faith pro-rata share of any revenues and other compensation from digital services that stem from the monetization of recordings but…

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