Indie Collective turns Corporate Projects into Art

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Finding Portland Screenwriters like myself and independent production companies are always looking for paying customers to help defray the cost of new gear and of course, basic necessities. Corporate videos, weddings and travel videos are one way that many companies get by, but much of their work is obvious and predictable. Occasionally, you will see something fresh and interesting enough to want to share.

This video  of Portland, Oregon, was shot as a time-lapse film using 300,000 individual photos assembled over 51 days for the online real estate finder app Movoto. Yes it is a promotional piece, but it is so stunningly gorgeous that it qualifies as art as well.

Called “Finding Portland”, the film took production company Uncage the Soul 51 days and more than 300,000 individual photos to assemble. Each second of the film represents about 3.8 hours of real time.

The production company, which is a collective…

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Portland arts tax: Controversial $35 income tax needs ‘review,’ refinement, potential changes, citizen group says |

Activate! Justice: Talk about money and moral wrongs

RACC expected to receive between $3 million and $4 million in the tax’s first year.

Thanks. God bless.


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Arts Education for Arts Education Sake….


 I ran across this  post  at . It has some interesting ideas about how the arts can aid in helping students learn different subjects, e.g., math, science. I wish someone would write about how math and science can be used as aids to help students understand the arts. I would love to see a full  article or post that focuses on arts education for arts education sake instead of arts education for math and science education’s sake. Will arts education ever be valued on its own instead of just as an aid to help students understand other subjects? As always, let me know what you think and/or feel.

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Using Art to Explore and Teach About Culture, Identity and Representation

An Educators Education

“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery”. (Mark Van Doren, poet). This is demonstrated through the series of videos showcasing the work of Stacy Friedman, Roger Dane and Sylvia Kind. Their unique perspectives on Art Education serve as a backdrop to meaningful and provocative art forms that act as “an invitation to a conversation ,” (Friedman, Kind and Dane, 2004) about identity, culture, racisim and art and the intangible perspectives it provokes.

This anaysis will examine how different art forms were used to assist students in discovering new perspectives and how meaning can be voiced to a larger audience through media production.

Friedman’s documentary about her puppetry project on racism with a group of elementary student teachers incorporated class discussions, pictures of puppet creation and the final product, a scripted piece that spoke about racisim from the puppet’s perspective. The puppet’s perspective was an avenue to explore…

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