Indie Collective turns Corporate Projects into Art

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Finding Portland Screenwriters like myself and independent production companies are always looking for paying customers to help defray the cost of new gear and of course, basic necessities. Corporate videos, weddings and travel videos are one way that many companies get by, but much of their work is obvious and predictable. Occasionally, you will see something fresh and interesting enough to want to share.

This video  of Portland, Oregon, was shot as a time-lapse film using 300,000 individual photos assembled over 51 days for the online real estate finder app Movoto. Yes it is a promotional piece, but it is so stunningly gorgeous that it qualifies as art as well.

Called “Finding Portland”, the film took production company Uncage the Soul 51 days and more than 300,000 individual photos to assemble. Each second of the film represents about 3.8 hours of real time.

The production company, which is a collective…

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