Rarity of Quiet

Corned Beef Hashtag


It starts at 6 a.m. with the alarms that wake us up.

Then the television goes on for the news, because so much has probably changed in the four or five hours that, maybe, I’ve been asleep. The coffee maker gurgles and burps in the background. The toaster pops and the skillet sizzles. The child groans and complains in an effort to resist getting out of bed, once she is up, fed, and  dressed,  I exchange a brief goodbye with my wife I open the door with a creak. I walk to the car, my daughter in front of me, shuffling her feet across the pavement.

The car rumbles to a start, the heater roars as it blows the still cold air the vents. My daughter asks me to listen to the radio so I tap my phone to life and turn on the app to bring up her favorite…

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New Track Put Up (Film Score, Noise, Sound Recording/Sculpture/Art, Soundtrack, Noise, Soundscape ishness )


thanks for peeping if you do.

CartoonTagging Magazine (Calling all artists !)

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magazine prototype

I am creating my brands first magazine all about art and I am looking for artists that are still trying to get their name out.
I am picking artists that I think are very talented and have potential.
I was hoping to release this by May but things went slower than expected so it’ll take longer.
I am looking for 13-15 artists in total. If I can get more, that would be better !
The magazine is simply an art and design magazine, people around showcasing their art, talking about themselves and telling you what art is all about to them.

I will go all out on this, I plan on promoting it when it’s ready to be sold. I’ll promote on facebook, YouTube, deviantart, ill even go to shops I know to help promote. I’m definitely gonna go all out with this. I really want this to be a…

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