Four-Track Demo Like Syntax Thing

{setting- in the nude, unsettled}

“can we turn off the lights?”

Its been weeks
since a poem-
flat lined                      been
no line
of mine
to staple
or post
or bind
I am the warrior’s carrier
of weapons-
is my sponsor

My aesthetic mistress is a poem
That I have been cheating on

I have some type
Of mysterious need

I am ashamed                    yes
I am ashamed
of my body

of the blood that zero
to sixty, is mine therefore I have gone
into a sprint from a walking zen-like
contentment into last week’s sunrise blinded
By need
To find a pair
by to be
Though still
have yet to find.
Forgive me,
for I
have kept my
Skill in a cage
I tried to forget
wings that only
Few use, I was handed
By your faith
against your demands

who knows anymore
what I am
who knows anymore
who knows
who I am

Selling nice volvo (portland)

is any one looking to buy a new used car? my friend is selling his really good looking black hatchback volvo. he is asking 2000 for it. although, very much willing to have a discussion on what would be fair. but he really needs to get rid of it within the next 24 hours because he has recently moved up here from southern cali up here to downtown portland oregon where it is costing him 10 bucks a day just to keep it sitting there. this is a 24 hour lasting deal and then he is going to be somehow getting rid of it. but he needs it for rent, etc. so I just wanted to put a word out if you are in the portland/vancouver area. I have pictures and contact info if interested. email me at i would buy it definitely buy it if I did not live in the downtown area. 

50 Fashion Rules To Break Right Now


Your mama always told you never to wear black with brown or white after Labor Day—but fashion rules are meant to be broken, right?

We’re giving you permission to break all 50 of these old school rules.

50. Red and pink clash

Somewhere along the way, these two shades got a bad reputation, but when paired purposefully, they can actually look quite modern and eye-catching. To break this fashion rule, keep the red true, and add any shade of pink, from pastel to fuchsia.

49. Don’t wear white after labor day

Lame! As countless designers have proved during the past few seasons, white isn’t only appropriate when the weather gets cold, but also amazingly fresh and modern-feeling. One thing to keep in mind when tackling the white-in-winter trend: It’s all about the fabric. Lighter textiles such as white cotton, linen, canvas, and seersucker will surely look out of place during the chilly months of fall and…

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