You’re Not Allowed To Complain Until You’ve Had To Wear A Bra Every Day

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My favorite part of coming home after work each day isn’t just knowing that work is over, but that I finally get to remove my bra. After all, home is where the bra comes off.

It isn’t that I completely hate wearing a bra, there are some aesthetically pleasing parts. They come in cute colors with fun patterns, and there’s also a great appeal to the lacey and sexy cuts of bras. I can’t deny that they’re functional. I enjoy having everything kept in place and not just jiggling freely while I run, and I certainly appreciate not having the embarrassment of having my nipples show through my shirt on a chilly day.

But despite all that, there are also burdens to wearing a bra that every woman is familiar with, and even as a member of the Itty Bitty Committee, I cannot get away with going braless.

Firstly, there…

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“I have a working knowledge of the entire universe and everything it contains”

Above the Market

As Sheldon Cooper would have it, physics explains everything. All the workings of the universe, from black holes and dark energy to the financial markets down to the inner workings of our brains and the atoms and molecules that comprise them are assumed to be controlled by the same set of fundamental physical laws. That goes a long way towards explaining why the finance industry hires so many physics Ph.Ds. Anyway, or so the thinking goes, the only people who are studying anything really interesting are – like Sheldon – theoretical physicists.

The misplaced triumphalist arrogance of certain physicists (and many alleged experts) is nothing new, of course.  For example, the discoverer of the positron proclaimed that, thenceforth, “the rest is chemistry.”

PuritySource: xkcd

Unfortunately for Sheldon, the ability to reduce everything to physics does not mean that we can start with physics and reconstruct – or even model meaningfully – the…

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Along the Way…

Wisdom is Found Through Experience

truth (1)I had a rough patch on my desire for answers and Truth the last year or so, crisis of faith so to speak.  I’m not one to mince words about my relationship with “God”; although saturated with Christian ideas, it is hardly your average Christian religious devotion anymore, and if what I suspect I will find along my path in the years to come proves true then the balance I seek will also find my ideas saturated with Buddhist teachings as I incorporate my eclectic studies and various interests into a coherent understanding of what brings me closest to my desire for Truth, Understanding, and most of all, a level of peace between me and the world in which I find myself.

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14 More Ways To Be Socially Awkward

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Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I consider myself an aficionado when it comes to socially awkward situations. I can sniff them out like a drug-sniffing dog on a Colombian coca farm. I know how to take a fun, comfortable setting, and—BAM!—make it an awkward one. Was I born with this skill? Maybe. But I don’t think I could’ve gotten where I am today without my Dad (thanks Dad!). The type of awkwardness I’m referring to is the visceral kind; the contagious kind that emits the sort of second-hand embarrassment one feels from watching a Dial-7 commercial (refer to video below)

1. Bosses

Bosses represent a wealth of awkward opportunities, right at your fingertips. I once had a slightly intimidating boss who really knew how to bring out the discomfort in me. Every time we’d speak, I’d leave the conversation with a damp upper lip, a racing…

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Sometimes I wish I was held hostage via viral. I feel sicker the more keys I touch. I’m an outmoded technology. Never was really anything at all. Just another other last episode in cold sweat.