Are relationships becoming shallower online?

yes they are


If you’re reading my post you’re a denizen of the online world just like me. C’mon, there’s no denying it. [insert smiley face here]

We’re all here. There are those of us who are writing things online. Others are reading us. Many of us spend hours on social media connecting and reconnecting with friends. Yet others spend time here learning, informing themselves, mis-informing themselves, finding partners, finding their way, playing games, snooping on people and doing pretty much most of the functions we could perform in the good ol’ real world.

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Plate Tectonics: The Ends (and Beginnings) of the Earth, Part 1

Why? Because Science.

Earth from Space

Is it possible for something that’s spherical to have a physical end or beginning? A ball just keeps going on and on and on and on. No matter how many times you turn it, you never get to any definitive beginning or end. Where does an egg start and where does it end? With the chicken or the egg or the chicken or the egg or the chicken?

Chicken or the eggWell, in spite of its spherical shape, planet Earth has many beginnings and endings and they are found at the boundaries of the colossal shifting plates that comprise its surface! Plate tectonics account for many of the soaring and plummeting landscapes on our planet and it explains a host of our most frightening natural disasters, from spewing volcanoes to shuddering earthquakes. It builds beautiful fertile islands in the middle of vast ocean expanses while ripping the ocean floor apart elsewhere, forming trenches…

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Spoken from the Heart

i have seen those knives before

Where Living Begins


Whatever you are today, the tendency is that you’ll become more so as you grow older.

Are you easily irritated with others?  Do you complain?  Are you critical or judgmental?  Are you someone who ridicules and mocks?

Do you look for the best qualities in a person?  Are you a minister of God’s peace? Are your words seasoned with grace and mercy?  Are you loving, patient and kind?

Set a guard, O LORD, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips.  Those things which proceed out of the mouth come from the heart.  Do not incline my heart to any evil thing … (Ps 141:3; Matt 15:18; Ps 141:4)

Set a guard, O LORD, over my mouth.  Keep watch over the door of my lips. Change my heart so my mouth will follow suit.

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How to be a freelance writer – 5 tools for smart planning and time management: Part 1

me again

Live to Write - Write to Live

roaring lion

“How do you get so much done?” is a question I hear from friends, colleagues, and clients pretty frequently. I don’t say this to brag. Like every other successful freelance writer I know, I hustle. I make hay while the sun shines. I burn the midnight oil (and, sometimes the candle at both ends). I get stuff done because I have to. (A deadline is a great motivator.)

What I do is not magic. I’m not an incredibly fast writer, nor have I figured out how to survive without sleep. (If you crack that mystery, please let me know.) What I do have is a system and some basic project management skills. Today, I want to share them with you because if I can help even one working writer reduce the chaos and tame the stress, it’ll make my day.

In my two-part series on the secrets of successful freelance…

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Who is my generation? – Houra Yaghoubi

Six Pillars


We first noticed Houra Yaghoubi (b.1979) in 2007 when she was one of a group of female artists from Iran showing in Asia House for 30 Years of Solitude which also went to  New Hall , Cambridge University, UK. This collection of photos, from 2005 toured the world’s art galleries between 2007-2010, from LACMA to London as a gift of the Art of the Middle East Council, Iran Trip 2009, with additional funds provided by the Farhang Foundation. But what is this artist up to now? No word, no website…. We’ve sent word to Ava Gallery who once represented her, until then we’re hoping she’s just contemplating new works.

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Aural Histories

Eleventh Stack

This past week I was lucky enough to attend Lawrenceville’s Rock All Night Festival (R.A.N.T.) on behalf of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s Music, Film & Audio Department. In addition to providing the opportunity for patrons to make their own harmonicas, we also had a well-curated selection of music documentaries, CDs, and books available for check out. While pulling books for our outreach table, I discovered just how many interesting oral history books we have about music–there’s one for just about every genre or interest. The following are a few gems I’d like to share with you today, arranged by genre:





















Andy Warhol & The Velvet Underground


And Punk, again


Happy reading & listening all,


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