“(untitled)” IS a title

triumph. no.
everything I do I hear
some voice laughing 
yeah, the fucking five AM lonely 
I guess yet fuck this poetry writing mess
whatever the fuck
its a word so I typed it
deal with it

stereotypes are fucked
Pardon my fucks and fucked and
fuck it 

there is no mysterious genius in this 

poem by the way I could care less
I’m all wrong and intense anyway

these critics that critique 

as not a metaphor I am tired
no I suppose more so kept awake
to the element of my emotional state
I dont care if I’m whining it feels good

since before I was an adult
loves in my life were consistent
but now its been the longest without
times now are pretty much me crying about
the ones that I made walk out

for a year I sat alone in my studio
didnt shower ever just looked off into forever
i see rolling eyes, i hear “poor fucking you, shut up”
there are scars that i consider writing “about”
but just a thought of what I would maybe say
gave me an anxiety attack, hyperventilating 
and there was no stopping it, 
it was all good, I’m glad I was alone
something has caused my peers 
in school to think of me as a rude
bitter person, or maybe just a downer to be around,
this judged by my lonesome, everyone in a group talking
except for me, at the beginning I really tried to reach out
to others because I wanted friends, I needed friends, I
need them, still, I need to matter, alright?
everyone does.
they all do to you and you,
everyone knowing everyone
about everyone

completely misunderstood 
everything about me
somehow known
and I trust no phony
no one where I came 
to be happy and better
myself and be who I will
be. there is not one person
that could understand or 
relate with me. not. one.
and fuck off with your ‘try me’
people only have love for me
because they feel guilty
or just pity, and believe I am too
fucked with my diagnoses to see 
the reality. thats all I have to say blah blah blah end line.
no reader deserves to read something so open


Underground Lit Mag With Published Poem of Mine Picked For Book Arts Exhibition at UWSP’s 3 month long Book Arts Exhibit

Underground Lit Mag With Published Poem of Mine Picked For Book Arts Exhibition at UWSP's 3 month long Book Arts Exhibit.

Curated by Shannon Pueschner and Tim Vermeulen, July 11-October 3, reception September 20, at the Scarabocchio Art Museum, and Noel Fine Arts Center, both on the UWSP campus at the College of Fine Art and Communication in Wisconsin. Thank you so much. The piece that was published of mine is an Avant-Garde Prose Poem Entitled “Surrealist Description of a Milkshake”

Sonic Agents


Contribute to a global archive of field recordings and create your own sound map projects at the same time with aporee ::: maps !

Header of radio aporee ::: mapsRadio aporee ::: maps is an open, collaborative field recording project started by media artist Udo Noll in 2006. So far, there are 14561 recordings online, accessible via a global map. Most of the recordings stem from Europe or the U.S. – but there is an increasing number of recordings from Africa, Asia, and Latin America as well.

Global soundmap from radio aporee ::: maps

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