Turkey Coma

Thanks mom for cooking such a great dinner for me and the rest of the family. I’m still nibbling……

Before it is too late I wanted to brag about myself a tiny bit. November is my 4th issue in a row being published in the cool online(sometimes print) interactive-like zine “The Bitchin’ Kitsch”, and fortunately this month, November, was printed and is being distributed Image

at both the Noel Fine Arts Center and The Smith Scarabocchio Art Museum

which both make The College of Fine Arts and Communication at the Stevens-Point campus for the University of Wisconsin. They ended up emailing me telling me they want to see more of my work. And to send it to them. so hell yeah for that, right?

Also, this morning I got some great news. I received an email from The Northwest Song Shack that a few of my ‘original song(s)’ will be airing this Sunday the 25 November 2012 over KIYE 88.7 FM at 7:00pm local time in Kamiah, Idaho. The entire show will be available at the same time through this link to their blog page: http://nwsongshack.blogspot.com/.

good stuff! No problem with me. Where the hell is Kamiah in Idaho, though? eh, whatev…

been listening to the record “DNA on DNA” by the band, DNA. Great record.



Well. Hot Diggitty Beefy Damn Frank Flavored Green Beans….

This is one of the few, if any, times this has happened to me, but, over the last week just a few things have happened where I am not of the same artistic mindset, or mental mindset, happy to say this time a good thing, that still though I can tell, I am feeling different. Grown, a little. 

Just first off, something completely fucking rad in my eyes, that just happened today…. So. Um(saying “um” in a typed or written sentence is a big fat no-no by the way, see if you can hear my bratty laughing) But, anyways, whenever I happen to have a couple bucks, I will stop by the 2 thrift stores, and book shop around the corner, in the neighborhood I live in, both being no longer than a five minute walk away, to see if maybe a musical instrument or even walkmans (analogue/cassette tape guy here) because I have set up some interesting recording stations using what I have over the last few years especially. Give me 2 walkmans with good tapes in em, my geezer laptop, and my little practice marshal amp, an hour, and you just might end up cursing that day in a state of surprise. Long story short, I scored my first own cassette 4 track for 8 bucks. 8 bucks. 8 bucks! The Yamaha MT4-X, great condition. And then realized I now have a damn stylin home analogue recording studio. And the analogue part keeps me in no way from getting the tracks online. I could and will post an ad on craigslist cause a lot of people would, like a lot of people, would pay me an amount I would not have a problem having to record their tracks onto. Just get me an alesis sr-16 and we are as organic as it gets. Sgt Pepper, Iron Man-4 Tracks. So yeah, hurray.

I have made the decision to become an art school student, because PNCA, Pacific Northwest College of Art just started their new BFA program in Sound Art. And its right down the street. I went and was given my own tour and all I can say is, thank fucking god man. Times a million. And another 50 Million. I was about to quit everything and lay in bed the rest of my life. Why the fuck would I want or have a reason to get out of bed in the fucking first place? Thats where I was in my head. And it was just a blast. Heh. No. I’m so thankful and so excited to start in the spring and to feel a sense of purpose. What the hell do you think the other feels like? This is much more ideal, to put it lightly. Can’t screw it up. Not happening.

And the last hurray goes to three books that have had an impact so huge I award them ‘books to have most positive impact on brian’ award. And I’m always reading that listing books that have an e or affect i cannot remember on you is a good thing because one of them could maybe do the same to another.

first i got a fresh release called “damn good advice(for people with talent)” by the late george lois. the name might not ring a bell but you for sure enjoy something he made famous. he also is the person to have made advertising an art form, Communication Arts. I read the whole book in about an hour and a half. And then I have the ‘&Now Press’ anthology of most innovative writing. the first piece is by mr DJ Spooky, aka Paul D. Miller. Who is one smart ass male. He purposes to put genetics into, inside poetry. Like into the form of the discipline. And he lays it out like he is writing a grant. Mind Blowing! And last but always first, the one and only “Silence” by John Cage. None to be said. goodbye