I love my mum


happy birthday to my ma on this day. greatest mother in the world. i’m a mammas boy, and proud of it. she has three masters degrees involving education and psychology. family therapist. great woman with a heart of golder than the goldest. just to be real, she is the shit.

b going in


b going in

walking into my idea

thanks to the f…


thanks to the following countries all over the world that have supported my writing and music. major blessing.

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stuck on what to release on


Oh The Old, some people just don't know who comes. SPIDER

“LOOP FEST! ” did that happen, did anyone even ever hear of such

And again, (like LiveLocalnLoud Fest), a festival coming to town, playing indoors, bringing bands not one soul except the members and their girlfriends who ‘might’ come, Portland translation: “hell, no, you are saying ” I only know that because I was in a metal band that 4 I mean 3 of us for years and years worked our asses off and the Paris Theater would make us charge 12 bucks a ticket. at that time being burnt out, and realizing we were getting screwed. Who the hell was going to pay 12 bucks to come see a band with a man that looks greater every year claim he has aids, now he just steals a wheelchair and its just ‘got a quarter’ ‘what for your family and AIDS?” Library+Job+social life+possibility of real family, and maybe some counseling, and so what? good for you for taking care your issues. I’M IN COUNSELING. And, hey, reader, you should get some too.


LoopFest sends me like 50  tickets, going for TEN FUCKING DOLLARS EACH when you could grab the bands on this shitty bill, take them a half block down the street to a house show, free, free beer, theres 200 people, and beautiful women. Draw your own conclusion.


I just dont understand how a promoter could do that in Portland, Oregon. If you cant break even with 3 bucks a ticket, a jar for donations, at not some huge ass stage where we feel like idiots, book the band at a dive. They are way more fun. You are not a “record label’ who all suck anyways. You are one of us. You get screwed like us. Mike Thrasher, why are you reading this if you dont know who that asshole is? First show, Snoop Dog, lost 100 grand. I got a plan, I got books, resources, east coast love, a blog with an average 50 hits a posts. trying to be cool went out the window when your hipster gf left ya at 3am. I’m a multi-instrumentalist poet with writers  block not a term in his brain. I’m 28. I’m in a panic, I have lost the girls that I always say were the ones, but I messed it up. Them all up.  I put so much talent in a needle. I’m good on a beer. Roll me a fat as cartman blunt. and i’ll be fine, I have a culture to impact and inspire, and a quote from where i come from, the 90’s…. “fuck the nay sayers cause they dont mean a thing, now check the real for positive style we swing…”

i WILL be

remembered. now read one of these badass books, dictionaries on the table. learn some art. it will heal that pain and hurt. no more negative life ruining bullshit.

I dont fancy richard wilbur


it is mostly because I, walking down west 116th and broadway, all my hungoever ass wanted a slice, from Keronats the pizza place on 114th and this dude was selling all types of books. i looked around, dude came out. talked wilbur wilby up, it was autographed so, hey maybe it would be worth something, i was in love with the nost beutiful woman, and I couldnt believe she asked me to come stay in new york with her for few weeks. we handled the sit very well; we were both in relationships. but broke up with the other before we even kissed. she met me at pen station. And I will never forget that kiss, and the way she looked at me on the subway home. I think the most romantic feeling and …. i dont know, when I think about beauty….

the first night we couldnt find any condoms. but i was so in love, my heart pounding like, I dont know, man, something that pounds you into the earth of You Dont Care, had been waiting for this exact moment, holding her in my arms and sleeping. when you’re lover comes back in for one more kiss. I was in New York City. In Love. For 2 weeks we made love for hours upon hours, during homework break. She was the most beatuful woman in the world. Perfect. To me. I would wake her up every morning with a kiss on the  back of her soft, or maybe 2 small, slow kisses. God, what an angel. I still have tears for having to leave. Years have passed, and I still dream about her, am still, very much so, madly, in Love with alice, gone forever.

oh, come on, laugh. Be Thankful


Tried to sell Wilbur. 2 Bucks. That asshole

oh yeah, friday…


oh yeah, friday, woo
god you suck and why the fuck am i writing in verse, just over the past few years this city has changed, so much that I had I had to make a move to the west side. the tight pants black on boys and tight black pants how the fuck the did he get her? why do i ask. money he has god, the 8 ball still under the seat, baby? where they fuck you bitch? daniel please stop yelling it makes me upset. popped up collar daddys car remember to filll the tank before you bring her in and rape her. frat twisted boys. i see them, i live right between 2 of the most plastic streets in the city at least downtown and i see these beautiful women just adoring these men that just want to turn the bumps of the sub up later and its time for a key bumb a round she so nervous “how did i det here” she takes an everest pile up to the brain and the drip tells “shouldna done that, haha” why an evi laugh oh shit i’m gonna die well whatever to be honest i’m jaded, they look at me like trash, laugh at me, and the frat boys ask for smoke then take they whole pack i just bought, the first out of the pack was is, laughs down the street, the girl squeezes his ass even harder, and fuck hard they will do.

you get there over at the west side where I had to escape     from more embarrassment but fuck you i wont go down like that because while i’m down you like to press the pain with pressing in the anger the bullets when you are alone while parentals occupy a hell of work space.

I forgot the eastside ,that we were in i swear the skin boils in frozen activate trigger happy roof climbs though last as he goes he gets a call from she….

“come on you little bitch get up here its sick” “yeah shut it lil dick i’m coming” he can hear them and smile
the last expected thing he though was the beautiful girl his love calling silently and silently he answered

“i miss you, i’m sorry about our fight, i’m coming over right now, i’m going love and ride you until you scream or cant help but squeal into the pillow and in the morning, you will scream good morning all the way down to the river miles away


sometimes you could swear life was all about intimate advances,
                                                                                         i dont know
i just dont know
why me?
               man over board   northern atlantic    i believe he said 4 minutes

anyways, be hip, or get out

hey, been out f…


hey, been out for the count for a few as far as posts go. expect an explosion of word structured chaos that i have been writing away in my note book for the last few weeks, tomorrow i will start. cleaning apartment right now. i dont think its too un normal for an artist to fall into the pit of self doubt and melodramatic withdrawal from everything he creates. it sucks but that is how i work sometimes. but i’m still here, working away. new work up tomorrow