Paul Valery- 101 Poems
Andre Breton- Mad LoveGuy Debord- Society of the Spectacle
Robert Henri- The Art Spirit
Constance Hale- Sin And Syntax
James Lipton- An Exaltation of Larks
Giacomo Leopardi- Verse and Prose
W. C. Williams- Spring and All
W. H. Auden- Selected poems
The Ransom of Russia by I cant remember right now
Tour Smart by I cant remember right now, live drummer for KMFDM and NIN, its the only book on touring you should read, all others:  naaah.
Silence by John Cage
Surrealist Manifesto By Andre Breton
Selected Poems by Wallace Stevens
The Importance of Staying Ice Burg by Eileen Myles
Cassette Mythos by i cant remember
The Mix Tape Culture by Thurston Moore
An Anthology of Latin American Revolutionary Poetry
Millions of grant writing books and marketing books for running your own “Record Label and Book Publisher” and also on how to be a one man band, what a pain in the anus.
my personal manifesto written by S.A. Griffin(carma bums) page 568 (read it!)(
the new k records book
Jack Kerouac is like my neighbor i hang with when I am lonely

i really wish i could stick to one book only.

Have You Considered Creating An Audio Book?

heh. heh.

The Neophyte Writer

Physical books and ebooks are just a few ways to get your project to a target audience. But have you considered putting your book to sound? If you haven’t you should. Creating an audio book will help you reach a larger audience. It’s important to cover every angle when it comes to getting your project out to the masses. If you aren’t sure how to get started Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn can help you get started.

10 Top Tips On How To Create An Audio Book

I heard Don Katz, the CEO of speak at the London Book Fair back in April. He explained the huge growth in audiobook consumption and said that there are simply not enough audiobooks to satisfy the demand.

But how do you actually get your book into audio format? Author and guest blogger Brendan Foley explains his journey and I’ve added a…

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Regency lady on a book page

this would be a good cover to a bands record or even a book

Miss Beretta Illustration

It was cleaning day today. Stuff needed dusting. Especially the piles and piles books my boyfriend owns. Came across this tatty copy of “Emma” by Jane Austen. I was about to throw it away, but then it hit me. How’s about painting a cute regency lady? With the hat, the floaty dress and the flowers. On a book page.

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proud loud wall of sound pride

I am very proud of the bass work i did on this record and the touring we did for it. I remember purposefully writing some of the parts where if/when i were to leave the band, when writing the songs i came up with things that the next person…. there would just be no way you would be able to play exactly the part of mine. hehehehehehe. there’s the leo in me. we were even signed. big time. ha yeah right, we got ripped off. sign yourself. DIY. I have a graduates degree in it. if you live in the pacific northwest. where you can tour and make a living if you want. and want means not be a shadow artist and be AN artist. which is a decision you must think hard hard hard about. I treat my trade and talents like a job. wait…. i’m not gonna go there right now. anyways, good times those days, though was engaged to girl that broke this dudes heart i tell you what. but i’m over it. she was like…. yea. great band