birds bloom ros…


birds bloom roses chirp sunday morning


is there a human claimed friend someone drop dead in love spectacle that isnt full of shit anywhere in the world to something they claim sacred¬†¬† when the honeymoon fuse blows my brains it will be just that jealousy through the back of not a pussy bragging head (i dont care!!!!!!) that you should be feeding a little 2 year old with i’m sorry your 2 year old, fucking piss grin dumb lying chuckling arm chair sucker know it all fake fuck of a best friend. call it an abandonment issue, the care of mine is below zero, and its 3am with my eyes on the gun lying close to my side. life, i shake my head and wipe the tear. friends, i wonder about such dumb lies they tell to avoid me. i can be gone, remember the killer i mentioned calm and google chrome at my side, i am not afraid to use. all friends, all at times, can be the complete opposite, and can cause people close to be suddenly awoken by gunshot. acquaint yourself, and draw your ego, how to end this rant i’m just so going to simply do. silent

sometimes i write and say so hostile

sometimes i write and say and do things that i in hindsight w0uld give up 25 years in prison but with 7 million hidden for when i got out, no no. maybe yes. off point. there is no point, the switch needs a little tinkering but it will do i hope in scope droopy stars… damn clouds spreading unhappy happiness selfishly. listen to noise music when you read the Surrealist Manifesto.



Best West Coast Punk Release Of 2007 – Microtia – “Distance Is Oval”

Me, Dan, Tim, Eric, Logan. I forgot to wear a black t-shirt.

Me, Dan, Tim, Eric, Logan. I forgot to wear a black t-shirt.