toughie pome

the american male
just let that settle
become of what they have
become of what I have
i might as well be
the placenta of that oh,
10 year old… made mind


yes. the 4:30 am
lost in the world feeling poem
whatever the fuck

you light your cigarette
and think with a leaning sense
of loss
and all of that bullshit
focusing in on the negative
american craving
for drama
things turned unauthentic
overly shared regrets
that at this time morning
where you want to step out
onto your front porch screaming
things you cannot put into words
yet shake you to surrendered sleep
shake you awake anxiety storm
the panic that there is more
that is not in store for you
what can you do but rub
your heavy eyelids
shake your head at why
and do the only thing that invokes
a feeling of validation
write a shaky handed poem hoping
something will make sense to you writing
something someone will be able to relate with
to lift such a feeling of a universal loneliness


A song for once and not an obscure note to my feeling alive. god i’m so emo

Tone It Down, Hipster Dipster                    So, this is actually very special to me, because out of all of the music i had lost at one point but found eventually or i mean found a way to show some people it without having to go to my myspace page. if you think i used any computer programs to record that a single song……. youre wrong man. i’m old school. order me a zoom mrt3-b drum machine and a tascam digi 8 track baby.


I sleep through the light of day with help from blue pills i swallow after a hollow fight all night with whatever plate of demons fate chose for me to face         an understated longing for ___     the angel living below me     an angel that bites to crawl into the rust with me and my sheets     knowing you make safe ____ your name here    transitioning to you inches below me   breathing over you    breathing on you    of feeling to know    I will never sense        is this the phenomenon of human   playing its eternal song?      all of this computing with a certain wiring   processing with ways one is brought up dysfunctionally learning?

” “

awakening with a take on panic with good spiced aroma bullets
I’ll have you entice the heart in your face
that look in your face

happening geographic torturing pornographic images
of the one you love
leaving you above in a flight home soaring in a loveless sky

through the night i am haunted by regrets i so long ago it seems flaunted
in the face of an ex lover, a symbol of all being one where downtown
late rainy alley way nights, there is me looking for another one
until no other will give