My Pop Told Me To Stop Before It Went Pop And Pop It Did In My ‘Help Me’ Tear Drop

with my cigarette burning a prejudice communion, i am on earth again, my will       forgotten and i say to myself “idiot!”  

still but hey I got my

pills         now they

will fill

any potential grieving with sedation motivations into poetic creations relations caused by waiting relfecting moments while at the microphone       and what a suprise        a bitchy text vibrates my groin and cell phone.  where my                                                                      mind gone               stoned with bank card stolen and on it charged my soul and


keep the receipt                       i’m well aware of this large breasted                                barge                            pulling into the port.                            my father rubbed

                                                                                    his crystal ball and said “8 days, and

        bouncing breasts you will only report, she’ll be back with the boy she left for you, and assure him your sex is so poor, to get you back, to get her back in his wallet”            i recieved what i asked for by being a whore and the universe doesnt                                                                                                                        reverse

perhaps it is time to drive

the hearse to the grave

of youth where that sparkle

in the eye is buried with truth                   

i have been sidetracked by a relapse with another human to smother, mother.

and how hard i tried before, for a fuck fix, with a mix i make always

the same, just a game we all play to say our dicks are ready to spready

you know what and putt putt putt

                                then puff puff puff

a cigarette from your pack to calm

whatever i just did, into something my dick just slid,

for 5 hours by the powers invested in me,

i pray my dick dont become drippy, better check

anyways within the next 3 days.                                              


                                                                                                                        learn a lesson

                                                                                                                by the lesson that

                                                                                                                now you are learning,

                                                                       the only thing that can prove the truth of                  fact

                                       is seeing the mistake discover 

                                      that he already knew, if he

                                      would just once or twice 

                                     listen to their father.

a note from the author

The most current theme in my work is the internal process of poetically capturing the chaotic beauty of and in the human experience. With my poetry, I prefer to use language as an instrument as opposed to basing it off of a set of rules or a specific law. I believe this captures the beauty of poetry and life in its purest form. My overall goal is to paint a musical picture through rhythmic sentence structure, to bring the reader outside of themselves by invoking certain emotions, sensations and feeling, a kind of euphoria. I achieve this through long exercises of stream of consciousness writing with lists of certain words or objects of imagery chosen from the current mood I am in or the mood I would like to invoke or portray to the reader. Being a musician as well, and with poetry being the music of language, I aspire to almost always have a rhythmic foundation flowing throughout all of my poetry.

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