book is out

been a little busy lately with getting my book published. still writing every day of course, just havent had the time to type anything up lately.


i would like to thank one of my best friends, tom, for designing the cover. the book, “a distant skeleton cowboy” is on sale at Reading Frenzy located at SW 9th and Oak in downtown Portland.  please email me at if you would like a copy snail mailed to you. the book is 5 dollars but i am open to trading or other types of payment. my main goal is get it into as many hands as possible. making a little money off of it would just be a nice bonus. thanks


it told a

story that

was built like

a bear trap,

it was up

all night, it

told a sto

ry so it

could tell hard

truths, it was


ry, it told

a story

so you felt

that you were

there, it was

all any

one could talk

about, it

told a sto

ry about

how it could

have been, it

was caught with

its pants down.

.                             .

.                             .

she explodes

raging a

hard time scream

ing her point


though her nerves

burn slamming

her tongue chan

ging color

all screaming

losses list

ed groaning

on the same

page, bear traps,

in the pre

sence of a


cy to fright

en specif

ic details

so much that

it aven

ges trendy


acting off

her emo

tion alone


loves opin

ion orbit

ing perspect

ive the pur

pose saves cha

os breaking

a tone, lost

.                                 .

.                                 .

i was so

very tire

d to be


ated a

gain, I was

so very

aware to

be curi

ous again,

I was so

very hap

py to be

sad again

I was so

very frus

trated to

be confused

again, I

was so in


to be cre

ative a

gain, I was

so very

hungry to

be tired

again, I

was so ve

ry stoned

.                    .

.                    .

Bear traps.